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my new 'Slushbox' is being wierd..

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when Im crusing at a steady spead, be it, 60km'/h, or 80 or any other speed, it seems like the tranny dosnt know what gear it wants to be in...

now I do know that the slushbox has custom gearing, but I dont know the ratios, but I dont think that it should be doing what its doing none-the-less..

lets say im cruisng at 80km/h after a few seconds, itll rev down, then two seconds later switch gears and rev up, than 20 seconds later rev back down, than back up, and down, and up and down, and it dosnt stop, its so annoying.. lol... any insight about this out there??
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my ex-durango did that, it was a sensor.
tcc than eh?

hmm.. sometimes when I sit at a light, and let it idle for a minute, like at a long red light, itll bog and not want to go when I hit the gas, than suddenly itll just GO.. lol.. so yea, maybe the tcc is being sticky :D , maybe its sticking , or not sticking, as I cruise, ...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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