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My plans....

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-eibach sport-lines
-koni yellows
-freedom design front&rear strut tower braces
-engine mount(upper, lower isnt out for eco yet)
-B&M short throw
-Ram air hood

any disagreements? any additions? this will be a sleeper, i dont plan on a kit or anything...
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im also searching for a good header...
Did GM ever get around to releasing the cam specs for the eco's yet, so someone can make a better one?

Cams would be cool.
I had ecotec cams already made 3-4 months ago. Good improvments from stock. Still more research necessary.
which ones? there are 2 for eco.
Depends.. If you want the mild grind or the race grind. Race grind we have to modify the cam to reach a higer lift. mild grinds are easily achieved by using the stock/blank cams.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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