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My poor T/A....

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Well after finding out that i have a cracked A arm on the passenger side the poor car is not going anywhere for a while. I'm gonna take the insurance off of it and store it untill next spring when i can afford to finish all the work i started. I still have to finish the custom hood and all the body work and get it painted before i'll actually drive it on a regular basis. It's got a few mechanical issues aside from the A arm that need some major attention. And the fact that if it's below 50 degrees it takes about 5-10 minutes to get it start and stay running :-?
So if everything goes as planned when i fire it up next spring this is what i'll have done:
Custom 5" Cowl hood
Lower the front end for less drag
Muffler :lol:
finish the body work
Painted Gunmetal
New tires
Windows tinted
put in my new cam
New Intake manifold
rebuild the tranny
3000 rpm stall
Bigger carb
electric fan and water pump
electric fuel pump

that's all i can think of for now...

One thing is for sure, it's gonna kick ass next spring :pimp:
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Don't you hate that crap! Oh well, keep up the good work.
Hope you get ot running soon. I want a ride in it someday!

Why does it take 5 minutes to get it to stay running? Sounds like a tuning problem :p An didn't you say it had a ring problem in a few cylinders after only 1500 miles? Sounds like a crate motor would be in order. But goo dluck getting it runnin, I'm looking for a muscle car mayself, I found a MINT 71 Firebird, just need to call on it.
well, It's running a little rich right now so that may be a problem and the timing is a litle more advanced than it should be. But i think my main prob is the fact that i still have the origional electric fuel pump in the tank, and my mechanical Holly is sucking through a dead pump. It's 70F here today and with 2 pumps on the pedal it kicked right over. :D

I fixed the A arm, it was the bushings not the arm itself, the crack was a crack in the paint :) It still needs alot of work but it's semi-drivable as an emergency ride incase i need it. But we'll see what i can get done by next spring, hopefully i can get consistant low 12's or high 11's. But i'm gonna try and sink a little cash in the engine on the Z just to see what it can do. 8)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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