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My Z for life

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Hi All
After 10 years of owning my vert I finally sprung for a restoration. New cloth top, top motor and hydraulics, paintless dent removal, LED lighting, refurnished rims, fixed the door jam, new carpet, new seat foam, new speaker covers, new interior, and new Lloyd custom floor mats.
I finally brought it home today!


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Very nice. Looks brand new!
Where did you get the new seat foam?
Thank you for the information on the foam.
I may contact them to see if I can order sets. Furniture manufacturing is big in my area, so we have foam shops here. My plan was to just buy foam locally and then cut it as needed. However, Carlisle likely has the correct patterns which would make things go smoother, if I can buy pre-cut foam. I'm going to be doing black leather seats on my 94.

What engine/trans combination are you going to install?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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