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need help!!!

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i thoght my car was fixed but it is acting up again so here is what it is doing.

it idles very wierd it goes all over the place(also all my dash lights dim when the idle goes down)
It hesitates when i give it gas
It stalls at just about every stop light and stop sign
When i slow down it jerks forward
Makes a cluncking noise when i give it gas

Things that have been fixed
Coil pack
Feul pump

Things i think could be wrong
Vaccumm lines

Any advise and suggestions will be apreciated i just want my car back on the road.
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Most mechanics will tell you it could be anything, and a lot will rule out a computer problem till you have fixed every other possible option. I'd say if you know someone with the same car as you, even just another GM 2.8 would do, try switching the computer to see what happens. It only takes 5 minutes to try it, 3 10mm nuts on the thing in the dash. Might want to take the cover off and put your module in the other computer if not the same car. When mine was stutterint, I put in a computer from a Pontiac 6000, it worked good, but the guages were wrong till I put my chip in the other computer.

Try it if you can, but don't spend big bucks to get a new one right away or anything.
i fixed the problem. i went out after i got home from school and tried to figure out what was wrong(i am not very mechanicaly inclined) so the first thing i did was to check all of my fluids. i was down a little on oil. but i was down over a quart of tranny fluid. i was surprised because i am really good at checking my fluids. so i went to the store picked up some fluid. i got home put it in and me and my uncle went to go for a test drive and my dad looks in the oad and i am leaking tranny fluid. so today i replace my tranny filter and gasket. anfter that we found out that one of the tranny lines was leaking we fixed that and brought it for a ride and it shifts very smooth now 8) .. but it still kind of bogs down when i give it gas so now i am thinking either plugs/wires/feul filter. so i am going to replace them probably next weekend. Also where is the feul filter located? my uncle looked and he could not find it.

and my car haas white smoke cumin from my tail pipe is this bad? and soemthign that cn be fixed easily?
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Fuel filter is above the back axle right by the tank on passenger side. White smoke could be either O2 sensor or head gasket?
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