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So guess what...i blew a head gasket so now i have to get a new engine....and find someone who will put it in for me...grrr...i miss having my car cause all i'm using right now is my dads old rusty silverado...grrrrr anyways....if anyone has suggestions let me know! i need to buy a new engine...for a 92 Z24! ahhhhhh!
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y not just change the head gasket?
it would be a lot cheaper ;) and less work
Did you seize the engine? How long were you driving with the H.G. blown? :eek:
Just get another engine put in at your local garage or automotive machine shop. Make sure you get a good warrantee with it..........
theres alot of miles on the engine...i have to decide by tomorrow...either i could fix it or i could get a new engine....ugh...its so hard!!!!
If your planning on keeping it a while. Go with the new engine.......
money wise w/labor and engine longevity you will be better off finding a good used engine(or a car w/a 3.1 cheap)if you replace the head gaskets(and service the heads) on a high milage engine the bottom end(rods,crank) will usually "fall out" not much farther down the road...don't forget to fix the overheating problem or it will happen again..
honestly I think your best bet would be to get a lower milage engine....IF its the 2.8/3.1 V6....because.....it is very expensive to change the headgaskets on our cars....because there is a Hello of a lot of shit that needs to be taken off just to get to the head gaskets...

and I blew my rear headgasket...and the guy at a shop here told me its $1000 bucks to get a new head gasket put in....so its not really worth it..

but its your car so you do what you wish...just thought I'd let ya know how much it would cost to fix it...

Honestly...this is what I wish I did when I blew my engine in January. Get the 3400 swap done.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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