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New in box Zex kit w/purge

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I have a brand new never used Zex kit(dry) w/purge for sale. I never got around to getting it installed and I want more car audio so i'm selling the Zex kit. First $700 cdn takes it. the kit is a universal one and will fit all 2nd gen z's probably 3rd as well but not positive.
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if it's a 3400 supercharged lol
i can get ahold of a 3400 for u with only 4,249 miles on it!!!! its out of a 2002 grand am
how much,and can a gm supercharger be put on it?
yea u can put a SC on that motor..... RSMRACING makes one, so does another company i believe! i'l have to get back to you on that price, its by buddy's motor, im just tryin to help him out. it's going to be around $500 or so probley, b/c its so new and barely even used!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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