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New L Body owner

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Hi everyone, just wanted to officially stop in and say hi. I'm not a j body driver, but a fellow 60* V6 driver. I've had my beretta since May 1996 and love it. I recognize a few names from some of the beretta boards I belong too. I would love to come to the meet at the end of the month, since it is fairly close, but we (Northern IL University) are playing Iowa State on the 27th and I can't miss that.
If you want to see my car it is #40 at www.berettaspeed.com. Here's my entry. http://www.berettaspeed.com/members/view.php?id=40
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welcome to v6z24. your car looks tyte as hell dude. keep up the good work. catch ya lata
wow thats one nice beretta. I have a friend with a gtz with the quad 4. very nice ride indeed. welcome, i hope you enjoy the stay around here.
cleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn as hell
nice ride..i used to live in rochelle(sucked) and worked at the MB dealer in dekalb..i couldn't take the winters(really sucked)
Tré cool... nice color and very clean.
Like everyone else said, very nice, very clean.
Thanks for the compliments on the car. I try to keep it very clean by washing it about once a week with Zaino and giving it a full three step Zaino cleaning when I can. The paint is three years old so it still have some shine to it too.
Woo hoo GO IOWA STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I'm an ISU fan. (because I go to school there)

Woah, I missed this ISU post. Looks like a good game coming up this weekend. :D
like eveyrone else said man, very tight ride
very nice, very clean....... keep that car loookin good man, i have always liked beretta's....
that car looks sweet man, very shiney!
nice wheels :wink:
dude that is one nice lookin' car!
pretty nice man. Very clean
That's one nice lookin L-Body. Looks very nice and clean. I've been wantin a z26 for a while.
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