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new parts again!

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welp, that old ass apc intimidator air filter, was way too old, and dirty for my liking (hell, it was in my old 4 door cavalier!!!) here's a pic of the old filter:

anyways, i bought a new air filter, a vibrant performance one, one of those ones where it has mesh filter stuff at the top of the cone too, gained back my lost ponies from the dirty filter, lol, but thats about it, it looks pretty though! but, in the pics, it looks like its a blue filter, for some reason it shows blue, its really dark grey, weird camera! yes i know, im picture happy :D

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looks good keep the mods commin
damn quanny, everytime i leave you have a new car. what happened to the lumina?? nice cavy, its very clean. 8)
yah know they sell cleaning and oiling kits for those air filters, they are like $15 cdn.
yeah that looks nice. even in blue it looks really nice
Uh Oh the next Geeds is emerging! HAHAHA just J/King looks good
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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