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New pictures of rims beater, etc.

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rimz yo

clears by bently

beater (now wrecked by dumbass redlight runner)

my camera sucks
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Nice Car. Are those rims off another Chevy car or did u custom make the lug cover?
liked it so much i get 2 posts? j/k
they are off a berretta z26
those are barretta rims

nice car though!!!!!!!
those rims look good. can't go wrong with the z26 rims :D
heres how it used to look when i brought it home, dont remember if ive shown this yet :-?
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lookin pretty slick homefry
perdy cool
huge improvement not a fan of the rims not my cup of tea but looks good man
wow your car has come a long way.. keep it up
You've made some drastic improvements. Looks good man... :wink:
hell my good car isn;t even as nice as the beater
wow those rims look focking bad-ass!!!! is it lowerd yet?
looks great. i love the improvement
Awesome! The rims are cool too! The part I like most is that you left the RS on there and took the Z24 logos off of the side skirts. Nice move. Good luck with everything, keep her clean!
jakerooni said:
hell my good car isn;t even as nice as the beater
beater was wrecked today


eibachs are in nmy house when i get a chance itll be lowered
Love your car man, keep up the good work.
I shit myself when I saw the pic of what it used to look like! Well Done! :eek: :wink:
thanks for the compliments everyone. unfortuantly the beater was wrecked yesterday by some jerkoff but i should be getting more then double what i payed for it from his insurance since its more than likely totaled, i got a thread about it somewhere
Nice car, love the rims. I actually thought of that awhile ago, just gotta find a z26 w/ them in GOOD condition. Keep up the nice work on that pretty cav :D
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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