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New Radio I found

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It mounts different, but that's pretty easy to overcome, and I suppose as long as you wire it up correctly, and the theftlock is actually deactivated it will work. There is no reason why it shouldn't.
exactly what black94rs just said...just find a wiring diagram for that year, and it should be easy as pie...just only hook up what you need...ie any wires that would involve the antitheft and such just tape them off....
mounting should be cake...just mcguyver it,.,,,
I just sold one of those out of my S-10 for like $65 to a fellow minitrucker. They go for over $100 on eBay usually, so good luck... :wink:
The wiring between that deck and the later 2nds gens is the same, there are no extra wires for the theft lock, it's a built in feature, which could be what makes or breaks the idea of a "good deal". ;)
I'd suggest that you just wait a while and get yourself an aftermarket deck from a good company. Most of the good ones out there sell pretty cheap decks that are great buys for the cash you pay. Look at Best Buy and Circuit City when they have sales. They usually have a good deck going for abuot 80 dollars u.s.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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