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new rims!!!!

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here is a pic of the rims im gonna get for the sunbird.

What you all think????

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I like those rims! Cant wait to see em in person! :p
sorry i am not a fan :(
im not a fan either but the price musta been right
i'm not feeling those grand am wheels at all. sorry man.
keep in mind thats not my car, they actually look a little better with the sunbird bumpers on the acr atleast in my opinion.
On that car, I think they look great!

If the price is right they are a decent set of rims. Nice and clean looking. What size 15?
I think it looks pretty good. On a different car it would probably look bad.
Keep in mind they are Pontiac rims and would probably look awesome on a white pontiac convertible. LOL

Do what you like, im in no hurry to sell em LOL

They look better than the stock sunbird wheels. I think they will look good.
I like 'em.
I dig!!
thanks guys, they are 16" grand am gt wheels so they will fill up the wheel well nicely when i get them on. i wont be putting them on until after the winter.
They look pretty cooll.....better than mine ( the stock ones !!) :-?
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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