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New Rims

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it has come down to it, i'm buyin new rims..., i dont want them to be to big so 18"s r outta the picture, i saw some sweet 16"s, would they look to small on my car?how much would they trow off the speed gauge, if at all? do u have any pictures of 16s on a phase 2 gen 2 cavy Z24?? i wanna make sure they dont look smaller than what ive got now... thanks guys
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Well they will look one inch bigger than your stock Z rims. 16" would be my choice if I wanted new rims.
dude y wouldnt you get 17's i have 17's with 225-45-17's and i NEVER rub. they are almost exactly the same size as the stock rims that were on my car, so i have no problems with my speedomoeter. imo 17's will look so much better than 16's will.
I am going to get 15" rims from a Sunbird GT. 17" are not too bad either, it all depends on what the person likes.. I am just someone who wouldn't put any rims over 16" on my car. But I like the stock wheels the best.
hey cavalow, ive seen u around town and i love ur car!! we gotta meet up sometime :p
the rim size won't throw off your speedo at all. It's the tires that do that.
use this site to find out how much they will throw it off but you need to know the tire size also

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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