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New website

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im really bored, so I made a website for my cavalier. Some of the links dont work yet, but check back for updates.

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nice man. i ws going to do a website for mine, but i changed my mind, cardomain is enough for me. I all ready have a website anyways http://www.bulfinch.tk but it is down. Once i get cable or dsl connection or a faster modem, i will re-open it, it is going to be changed from the crap it was to a website for my online radio broadcast. Anyways i should shut up. Good job on the site. One important thing, keep it updated lol!

EDIT: Good luck with the rest of the pages, home page looks nice!
keep it updated. that's the main thing. I had one, but was too lazy to do anything to it. It's good to have a website that is always up to date (if it's visited enough)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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