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i have had my 89 cavalier z24 since january and am just gettin the money to put some extras into it so....what to do what to do...
I'm 17 on a limited budget and...and
its a 2.8 V6 automatic with K&N airfilter...
I want acceleration over anything else so will any of the following help? and how much $$?
1) special spark plug wires(?)
2) Muffler - don't know what kind but...?
3) Exaust, since i can't go with headers it would just be piping i guess....
4) the air intake on the site(here)
A) is there a way to get my low beams to stay on when my high beams are on? i don't know why i want this but i do...
B)how much would it be to tint my car? (professionally)
C)are those octane things you buy at the gas station worth puttin in?
well, i think thats all for now...
Any replys would be helpful...
If you suggest something please put a average price...
Thanks again

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Plug wires really won't give you much gain, unless the ones you have are already going bad.

I would recommend going with a Magnaflow muffler with a free flow converter for your exhaust. Since you are on a budget, larger piping is not necessary.

Yes, the intake on my site is worth doing

No, you can't get your low beams to stay on at the same time as your highs. This is because there is only one bulb in each headlight, that does both the lows and highs.

Around here, it runs about $150 - $200 to get an entire car professionally tinted. This may vary in your area

Octain booster is a waste of money. It is pretty much useless.

Hope this gets you going on the right track

Jason Bradwell
Webmaster, V6Z24.com
1992 Cavalier Z24
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