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Nissan setup over the winter project...GOOD BYE BACKSEAT!!!

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Whelp, I had to get your attention somehow. but this is the plan for my nissan. I was gonna put in a single 10, just a type r, dvc, nothing much. but then i went to A & B sound, and there were clarion 15's for $135. so i though, hehe, tiny hatchback lil car, t-tops... a 15" sub, that would be kool.

so i went to the back of my car with a measuring tape. i have 11" inches top to bottom.. not at all enough for any sub cept an 8".. so then i thought, whelp, it's a small car, no one can sit in my backseat, why not just take it out? so i was gonna put in one 15" sub in my back seat... and then i started thinking more... why not go nuts.... i'll put in 2 15" in my tiny little car! So here's the plan folks:

2 - Clarion SRW3841 15" subs. - 4 ohm, 600 W max, 300 W rms Single voice coil.

1 - Diamond Audio D5 600.4 amp (i picked it because a) I believe Diamond is the best there is out there that I have seen in a very long time) and b)it is designed to go down to 300w rms, at 4 ohms, X 2 exactly what i need)

2 sets of Diamond Audio M6 motorsport 6.5" mids + 1.5" silk tweeters.

and maybe another of the same amp to push them too... as the amp can do 75W rms X 4, but i might wanna find something cheaper, but still diamond.

Audio Control Epicenter - if you don't know, look it up, i love these things.

i'm not sure on the head unit though... prolly the bottom of the line pioneer w/ mp3 and sub fade... but opinions are encouraged for the head unit.

and i know the subs aint the greatest, but any kinda bass in that car at all is gonna be nuts. the space of my interior after the install is comparable to the trunk space of a Ford CrownVic...

so yeah, you cannot sway me against the Diamond stuff, i love their products. but the rest of it, let me know what you think.

(btw the middle of the line diamond 12" dvc sub goes for $650 canadian)
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If your not really worried about MP3 playback you should get the pioneer 3500...i bought it after my other deck for 6 bucks more, this thing is awesome, tons of features for the money plus sub preout, it really is worth its weight in gold
yeah, i don't need mp3... so pioneer 3500, what elseis decent on a budget?
u should get the panasonic i know its not pioneer but its at [email protected], i belive its a 153 with some letters, its in my reg and i think its 175, no mp3 but it has sub fade and sub preouts and 2 more sets of preouts
Why would you cheap out on the HU? That's what produces the sound. Spend your money there and the rest will fall in line. I just bought an Alpine CDA-7995 (I think that the model) It has no internal amps and it rocks the Neon. :D
not cheap out, most things, infact everything cept for the amp is not that expensive, i was just trying to do it on a budget, kinda a challenge, look good, sound good, be cheap...
ALPINE!!!!!, I hear fusion is comming out with some new decks this year to 8)
i do like alpine, and i think it's jsut a tad too pricey, but i don't trust fusion, unless it's like jonah lauh (not too sure on that) series...
eirik said:
i do like alpine, and i think it's jsut a tad too pricey, but i don't trust fusion, unless it's like jonah lauh (not too sure on that) series...
My Alpine HU was $299 reduced in price from $499 so it wasn't that pricey and has more features than some decks that cost 2x as much. Of course there is no internal amp which might be a problem for some, but not for me :wink:
i got the pioneer 6500 deck, and man it is the best deck out their for the price i think, the pioneer 3500 is the same with but without the movies and display stuff, and $100 cheaper... i definatly recremend (sp?) getting that deck
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