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no high gear

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hey guys i need some help have a 89 z24 with a new 2.8 and a new 125 auto tranny i bought the car knowing it needed a new motor replaced it and the tranny was slipping a little and wouldnt shift into 3 gear so i put a new tranny new speed sensor {on pass side of tranny} new gm tv cable{detent cable} new floor shift cable new tps sensor the cable i set to gm specs push tab in pull cable back til it stops then run throttle all the way forward by hand { done this both hot and cold and also try it with gas pedal} the throttle opens and closes like it should fluid level is full have also try to move cable a little at a time and no results it seems even to wait a long time before shifting from 1 to 2 like over 3000 rpms before it shifts to 2 i find it hard to belive that both trannys would have the same thing wrong with them r the cable is still out of adjustment is there anything else on the car that makes it shift like the computer? please if u have had such a problem please let me know what u found or if u have any ideals for me thanks for the help
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damn, where's the money tree?? :lol:
well guys the money tree comes when u sell a hot 1955 belair 2 door hard top
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