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non j-body turbo question

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Ok all you turbo guru's.

my mom has an 85 lebaron with either a 2.2 or a 2.0 efi turbo. few problems which may or may not be turbo related. off the line this car has NO power. its not like it bogs down at all, it just has nothing at all. then once the turbo spools, it pulls unbelieveable. then the car begins to buck and a power loss idiot light comes on, and stays on till you let off the gas. i did a little research, and it said that on these cars if the boost gets too high, it will shut off the fuel until the boost goes down. so what i am thinking is that there is a problem somewhere which is making the boost go up too high. is this the job of the wastegate? i really know nothing about turbos. i am thinking that maybe the lack of power off the line may be cured by a tune up, unless its related to turbo problems. or could this all be an electronic/ computer issue. i know u guys arent chrysler/mopar experts, but any input you have would be helpful. since my z is going off the road this is what i am using for now so i wanna get this thing running a little better. thanks for reading.
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If your research points you in the direction of the wastegate, then make sure is is good, that the rubber bladder (inside the actuator) is sealing (not ripped), that the wasgate control solenoid is functioning, and that all electronic signals are correct. I can't be specific on how to go about testing these parts, since in most cases the car actually has to build boost, which means that a load has to be put on the engine.

I wouldn't say that the lack of power is a problem with the turbo, just yet, if a tune up hasn't been done in a while, it may be a good idea to do that now.
so this does sound like a wastgate problem to you? if i understand correctly, as the turbo builds boost the wastegate releases pressure gradually so when you reach the desired psi, the boost doesnt just cut off. so if the wastegate doesnt release pressure then the motor will be given too much boost which will make it cut the fuel. how does the wastegate know the pressure? is it an electronic thing or is it mechanical?
I caught most of it, and I'm sure if it had anything to do with what I'm about to say, then Raven would have already covered it. But couldn't it just be your car hitting fuel cut? Like you said, once the boost is too high, she shuts er down. Is it an auto or manual. If you're drivin a manual car, and you hit fuel cut, it feels like you're hitting a brick wall. If it's an auto, it's not as bad, but it'll still feel like she's being shut down. Now, to remedy the problem, I have no clue. I'd be guessing. But maybe a manual boost controller, if not an electronic one. We'll wait to here what rave has to say. He knows a lot more than I do.
The low end power loos semas like it could be cured by a tune up. As for the bucking and everything once boost comes up, how's the fuel pressure? Although the Turbo Dodges had the overboost fuel cut (VERY BAD IDEA BTW) like you said, but to agree with Raven, it does sound like a wastegate issue.
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