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*Not for Sale*

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My 1990 Turbo Grand Prix is NOT for sale!
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how much would you sell it for without all the audio equipment?
The audio has to go with the car, well maybe except for the deck and amp [don't know]. Because I don't have stock speakers to replace the Pioneer, unless you don't want speakers ;)
I tried clicking on the pix, and the links wouldn't work....

looks nice! but i wouldn't pay 4000 for it...im poor
I fixed the interior picture link.
Sure, I'll sell you my engine for $4000. And you'll get a free car with it ;)

To get the pics to work, click on the link. Then click, and drag the little e symbol in your Address box into the webpage.
So I'm thinking this is now a dead thread and I'm locking it. Should this not be the case just PM me and I'll unlock it.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
Not open for further replies.