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90z24 3400 5-Speed

The car started act weird when I was 800 km away from home, drove it back that way. Heres the problem:

Its like the engine dies and restart a nanosecond after dying while i'm crusing. On the idle it was fine, gave it throttle in neutral its was fine. On the road in any gear, full throttle it was normal, no lack of power and the engine was running normal. In any gear downhill without throttle it was ok too. But trying to maintain a constant speed it runs like shit. And while cruising in 4th gear at 90 km/h the foot on the gas pedal the engine dies and don't restart. :roll: And the shift light came on and dissapear and so on all the way back and I was crusing in 5th gear :roll: The check engine light came on, code 42. On idle it was A1 until the moment that, in any gear i was slowly depressing the clutch just a little, not enough to the car to move, and the engine began to run like this in the vids that i posted.

What I don't understand, i've done nothing to repair it and a few hours later i tried to restart it and it started. And its runs great since then...


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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