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Official NOT Ice Cream Cruise August 8th

Alright guys, rather than listening to everyone cry for a year, I figured it would be better to just throw something together, so here's how it's gonna work:

What: The "NOT Ice Cream Cruise", that's right, you will NOT be allowed to eat ice cream!
When: August 8th, meet at 7:00pm, cruise at ~9:00 or whenever people get anxious
Where: Sonic on 90th St between Maple & Fort
Who: Whoever owns a car and isn't going to be a douchebag
Route: If there's going to be a route, the maps will be handed out at Sonic

THIS EVENT IS NOT SPONSORED BY 1320VIDEO.COM, I'm just deciding on a date so we can get'r dun this year!

We have 3 weeks, spread the word, the more the merrier!

I'm expecting that similar to previous years, the police may come to kick us out of the surrounding lots, if that happens we'll do the same thing as the past years and move to the Harbor Freight parking lot just South-West of Sonic

There will be no discussion on meeting place, there will be no debate on route, if you want to plan it, I will gladly delete this and you can plan your own.

If you want to sell stickers, shirts, blunts with logos on them, go for it, but please, god, don't donate the money to charity, Jesus would cry!

haha, someone made this

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