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Opinions On Concept

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Hey guys, im thinkin about getting a new amp soon originally i was thinkin of a JBL 1200.1, but then i went to a local shop and saw the Concept CC-D1200, so they wanted a rediculous amount of money for it so i went home checked out online and i can get a Concept CC-D2400 for cheaper than that 1200 from the dealer. So have you guys ever had or heard Concept Amps, my idea is that with the 2400 i could poud my two tens to the max with 600 Watts a side ([email protected] ohms) and then i was thinkin of saving up some money and buying a Pure SPL sub, then i could bring the amp down to 1 ohm and throw 2400 Watts at. So what do you guys think of concept. Thanks for any Info.
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wish i could do it..... sounds good, do it up
Concepts are a super good brand. I'd go with it
I don't like either of the brands that you stated, but if I HAD to choose it would be the JBL.
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