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PA peopleRenting Beaver sprigns dragway Oct. 10

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hey my car club is going to rent out beaver sprigns dragway of Lewistown PA on oct. 10 2-6pm. the cost to rent the place is $300 so i'm seeign if anyone would definately go. I'll have to talk to the leader of the club, but i'm sure he wouldn't mind other people comming if it will bring the cost down for each person. so if anyone is positive that they will go give me your email so i can have the club president email you the info and everything.
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where is this place? central pa?
i think it's just about in central PA. not sure tho.
depending on how far it is from philly i might go. Also depends on how far along th car is at the time.
i might come to depending on how far a drive it is, and if my Z is actually functioning properly :roll:
well i guess im not gunna go its a 5 hour drive :( , tell them to come east more hehehe
What county are you in??

how far is that from york county???????????? i might be interested in going
is this a friday?
what county is this event being held in though??

ill go if soup goes lol ;)
88cavalierz24 said:
ill go if soup goes lol ;)
ok no pressure on my part :-?
Where the hell is this being held??? :x LOL!

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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