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Paint Job/Shocks - Price Estimates?

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I'm gonna start my shopping around this coming weekend for places to get my paint job and shocks done come next spring.

First off my car is white and I wanna paint it black...my uncle told me that changing the color of my car is gonna cost me almost double then if i were to keep it the same color, this true?

I also wanna get my car lowered...so obviously its new shocks...am I gonna have to get anything else new when I do this? And how much am I looking at to have this done?

These are my two main things I want done for next summer (will be doing tons of small work over the winter as well) so for any of you who have had this done can you give me some estimates as to how much you paid?
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I don't think it will cost twice as much, but it will cost more than just painting it white again. And um, I hope you know that you don't lower your car with just shocks. You need lowering springs, then some nice gas shocks and struts, such as kyb gr-2's. I paid 500 canadian for my whole setup, but that was all spring tech, not kyb, so it'll probably be more than that.
itll cost doulbe if you have them paint everything a different color (door jambs inside trunk etc)
i got a 4 door cavalier its red and to get it painted black it cost me 1200 and thats me doing MOST of the priming and all :pimp:
Yup it'll cost ya more for sure. I asked this question here a while back as well. It won't cost more if you don't care about the jambs or inside the trunk and engine bay. The cost comes from the prep involved in a complete color change so it would look like your car was originally black not white. I was going to go from burgandy to a metallic blue but the cost right now has me sticking with burgandy or a darker shade of it maybe. I like my current color, I was just thinking of changing cuz I like the metallic blue more :) The quotes I got for complete color change were roughly double that of just spraying the exterior.
i got my Car repainted the same color (well sort of) for $1000. That included Body work (had a pretty big gash in the passenger door that was patched up with wayyyy to much bondo) 3 coats of Paint, and 2 coats of Clear Coat.

I also want to get my car lowered, but the roads in this town are so bad im worried that id just be bottoming out all the time.
Yeah, this isnt really the town for low cars, except have you seen that lowered grey truck? haha that guy must have a fun time
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