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Part out! - 1993 Cavalier Sedan, Blue.

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Hey guys!

Well, we have a 93 blue sedan sitting at my dad's shop is, and some parts are for sale. If you're interested in a few parts, let me know!

Pix will be up later. 2.2L I-4 engine.

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i need a few things. Is the interior also blue?
Yes, but some of the parts are missing because my brother and I used some parts off of it!!

Just post what you need and I'll try to get them to you.

wil the starter work with my 2.0 turbo motor? if so i want that and wiper motor.. let me know prices. email me [email protected]
OK, well, give me some time. I'll let my brother know...

| |

The interior is blue.. not gray.. sorry.

[please POST all needs on here, not by PM...]
i need a cup holder. also door panel for the ssenger side.
I don't think it has a cup holder, and it's a 4-door. which panel, inside or outside??

ok it's blue.... how are the seats? Are they the Z24 style seats or the base cloth?

The seats are in good condition, and they aren't z-24 style, but are bucket style.

damn i thought footedale was near TJ, I'm gonna have to pass on the stuff... :(

good luck partin it out
yeah al hes on the other side of the state!!!!!
Yea, footedale is on the :guns: southwestern part of PA... sorry!!


If anyone is interested in the motor, it has about 86,000 miles on it, but is in good shape!

qwik2k2z24 said:
wil the starter work with my 2.0 turbo motor? if so i want that and wiper motor.. let me know prices. email me [email protected]
I don't know about the starter, and i'm talking to my dad (a great mechanic). The wiper motor is $20 = shipping.

Also guys, if you live nearby Southwest PA, the whole car can be yours for parts for <COLOR color="blue">$600!!</COLOR> Yes, I'm parting it out, but the engine and trans are good! Let me know, or make some offers!

<COLOR color="darkblue">Adam</COLOR>
Ok guys, I will have some pics of the car up on here this weekend! I'm sorry it's taking so long to answer your requests... I'm just down here at WVU, and it's hard to see what I've got available.

I GOTZ A 93 BLUE CAV SEDAN....7 BILLZ (ONTARIO) runz real well, interior is mint....HOLLA @ ME
Ok, we still have this cavalier for parts or selling the whole car...

Located in Hopwood PA, EQ Muffler and Auto Center.

I need a dark blue phase 2 console in good condition. Can you help me with that?
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