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3400 Engine Swap

Chapter 2: What parts am I going to need & what will this cost me?

This chapter lists the majority of the parts you will need to perform the 3400 swap. There are variations between Jbody years & engine years
that may affect this parts list. All know possibilities are listed below.

1) The Engine!

Of course you'll need a 3400 engine to perform this swap. www.car-part.com is your friend for locating your new motor.

The Intro page contains more info on locating an engine & what to look for.

2) Front Engine mount bracket

The block casting on the 3400 is different than on the 2.8/3.1 motors, so a custom bracket from the engine to the front mount must be fabricated.
jbodyperformance.com sells the bracket, or if you have decent fabrication skills, you can weld up your own.

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3) Upper radiator hose

Since the thermostat outlet on the 3400 points out at a different angle, you will need to replace this Upper hose with a Lower
hose from a '99 Pontiac Montana. The only modification to make this hose work is cutting it to length.

Summit Part #: GTR-61720
Autozone Part #: M-595

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4) Power Steering Pump

You need to get a power steering pump from a 3100/3400 motor. You cannot use your old PS pump because of the changes to the timing cover. Your
best bet is to snag one from the junkyard if your motor didn't come with one. If you motor came with one, just make sure it doesn't have the Electronically Variable
Output (EVO). Basically, if it has an electrical connector on it, you cannot use it!

5) Power steering line

The hard power steering line with the bends that works the best comes from a '94 Grand Am 3100. This is the full hard steel pressure line, not the line with the hose on it.

Powercraft part #80224
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6) Throttle cable & bracket

The throttle cable bolts up to the throttle body on the opposite side, so you need a new throttle cable. The best cable found to work is one from a '95 Beretta or Corsica.

If your engine came from a truck or van, then you need to get the throttle cable bracket that bolts on top of the TB from a CAR.

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7) 3 wire coolant temp sensor

The gen2 motor uses 2 coolant temp sensors. A single wire sensor on the rear head & a 2 wire sensor by the thermostat housing. The gen3 motor only has one sensor, so you will
need to purchase a 3 wire sensor so that both the ECM & temperature gauge received output from one sensor.

GM/Delco Part # 10096181
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8) Other coolant hoses

A package of bulk 5/8" heater hose should take care of everything else. A better solution is to grab the hard steal lines from a 3100 Beretta as they route down right by
the heater core so everything will be more like stock. One of these lines requires a cut & weld to work properly however.

9) EGR considerations

If you have a 2000+ motor, you can adapt your EGR to work real easily. If you have a <=1999 engine, you'll need to purchase an adapter from the 60°V6 store.

10) Alternator considerations

You need to re-use your stock alternator. Use the gen3 alternator causes clearance problems with the blower motor

11) Downpipe

You'll need to have a custom downpipe fabricated off of the rear exhaust manifold. The downpipe in the cars these motors came out of comes off at the wrong angle
and will hit the firewall.

The O2 sensor is also subject to hitting on the tierod ends, so re-locating the O2 sensor to the downpipe is advisable.

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12) Other Misc items

  • If you don't have the Alero fuel lines, or you don't have a 92-94 J-body, you will need 2 brass compression fittings to modify your fuel lines. 5/16" & 3/8".
  • If you have a 5 speed, you should probably upgrade the clutch. The stock clutch won't hold the extra power for long
  • If you have an automatic, you need the throttle box from a quad 4 motor to setup the kickdown cable for the auto trans
  • Other misc items...

3400 Swap Shopping List

Take this list with you to make sure you get everything you need

  1. Front Mount Bracket - Build or purchase from jbodyperformance
  2. Radiator Hose - Summit Part # GTR-61720, Autozone Part # M-595
  3. Power steering hard line - Powercraft part #80224
  4. Throttle cable from '95 Beretta/Corsica
  5. 3 wire temp sensor - GM/Delco Part # 10096181
  6. Bulk 5/8" heater hose
  7. 5/16" & 3/8" compression fittings for fuel lines, if necessary
  8. Performance clutch if 5 speed
  9. Quad 4 throttle box if automatic
Chapter 3: Removing the old engine »
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