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I was on my way home from college early and got behind a NICE ASS cavy (body kit, the works). This car was freaking gorgeous. Anyway, about 2 miles later this '99+ peelude flys out from a side street cutting the beautiful cavy off. We both had to slam on the breaks! Well we drove behind the peelude all the way till the road opens back up to 2 lanes and the cav moves over into the left hand lane because the lude was going pretty slow. I get behind the cav and all of a sudden I hear the cavy opening it up. I see that the lude is now trying to run the cav. Well I got on it to keep a close eye on the outcome. Lets just say cavy kicked the living shit outta the lude. I floored it to catch up to the cav who was well over 20 cars ahead of me and as I fly by the lude I see him throw on his hazards and pull onto the side of the road w/ what looked like smoke coming outta it. I managed to catch the cavy as he slowed back down and I could only give him a thumbs up because my turn was ahead. He was all smiles :D .

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beamer said:
girlracer said:
the prelude must have been an automatic :p
its ok, i don't care. the prelude is just a replacement so i dont have to drive the cavy in winter and so i can make it a full show car. plus i'm going back to college so i need a reliable car :wink:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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