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phase 2 short shifter...pic...cheap...must go!

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here is a picture of a shortened shifter from a 92 z24..... i only want $25 for it. it definately made a big ass noticeable difference in my car!! i loved it!!

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I just have a few questions. Does that short shifter come from jbodyperformance.com and will it fit into a 89 cavy z24. Also how come ur selling it dude.

its not from that website, im only selling it b/c im parting out my 92 z24. i dont know if it will fit on a phase one... all you gotta do is take off your shifter boot and the little panal thing right there... its simple, just look and see if they look the same i guess
Hey dark!

I just wondering why it wouldnt fit a phs 1. I was looking at your shifter on your web site and they look very similar except for a small difference or too.

Thanks for the info
this "difference" you pointed out, was in how quick you shifted, or what?
its like all you gotta do is just flick your rist to shift.... it saves alot of time while shifting, it allows you to get back on the gas alot sooner than stock!! quickier shifting will keep your RPMs up while going thru the gears, which will keep your power band up too!!!! thats all ways a good thing! :lol:
I'll buy the short shifter for $25. Email me at dave3[email protected] and we can work out the details. Do you have a Paypal account?
If dave3156 is not going to get it.. I'm interested..

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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