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pioneer vs audiobahn

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what do you thinks better pioneers or audiobahns

this is to replace my stock speakers audiobahns i can get 3.5" but i would be ordering everythign off ebay

pioneers i need 4" for the front how hard are they to fit...and i can get them localy

is there anything else i would need to do as far as power or just pop them in and wire them up?
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you won't be able to fit 4" pioneers in your dash unless you "adjust" the hole. I had a set of 4" alpines from my 89Z that fit perfectly in it, but they wouldn't fit at all in my 91. lol, so i had to go out and buy some new 3.5" Clarions :D

My Clarions sound way better than the Alpines anyways. and Audiobahns are way better than Pioneer. Ebay is good as long as you buy the stuff new with a warranty, i just bought 2 Audiobahn 1200Q's off of ebay for $200 bucks brand new in the box and they sound insane 8)
i myself prefer Pioneer over Audiobahn.........
anyone who has owned the infinity 32.5cf will tell you to go with it. the highs are super clear. plus i got mine for 35 on ebay. seriously man i dont think you can buy a better 3.5 than these.
If you're buying off eBay get the Infinity's!

Or from the options you listed I'd get Pioneers.
Infinity kicks ass, I'm saving up for a set of Perfect 12's.
But to clarify my previous statement, Audiobahn mkes decent subs, my friend also bought a set of 3.5's and they sound ok but not nearly as good as my Clarions. I have Pioneer 4x6's in my T/A and they sound really good on the stock radio. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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