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Power Window Switch Idea...

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OK, I came up with this one last night, and I need to know if it'll work before I go out and buy all the stuff. My switches are fried, so I was gonna make a new console plate for them, and instead of window switches, just use momentary pushbuttons. Use 2 for each window, one goes up, one goes down......would it work?
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Wired up right, with heavy enough buttons or relays it will work.
No reason why it should not work. In fact you may be able to find momentary rocker switches that are similar to the ones that are in it. Or as far as that goes, why not try to find a pair of switches in a junkyard. Since you will be making a new mounting plate you can make them fit. You have a good idea hope it works for you.
thats a neat idea goodluck with it
it should work if you get all the wirer's in the right place and you have the time for it
good luck
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