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powerstering problems

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i was driving lastnight went to turn and i herd the wining of the powerstering so i go to the store and get powerstering fluid "no biggie i've never had to put a drop in in the last 2 1/2 years i owned the car"never needed it i put the fluid in no problems i go home grab a cd and go to leave and the first corner i turn i herd the wining again hmmmmm ok so i go to my dudes house we look it over can't see where its leaking from at all nothin from the lines nothin so today i'm gonna go look it over totally every line i hope and pray its from the return line that i didn't see lastnight .we didn't jack up the car because it was down pooring so thats the next step.

if it is a line no biggie i never had a real problem with this car cept the crank position sensor :guns:
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Yep you will have to check from underneath as well as from the top. Check everywhere from the cooler line under the passenger side to the lines which connect to the rack underneath the brake booster. Inspect all of the lines in the system and rack so you'll get a better idea.
if you were to post in the repair forum you might get more response :D
it was the return line took 5 minutes to fix works great now :D that was good it wasn't any real problem like a main hose or somthin then i'd be :evil:
the cool off line? did uou eliminate it, i had to do this to both of my zs it is a common problem, but cheap and easy to fix :lol: :lol: :lol:
yeah i had the same problem it was the return line i'm assumign that is the same as the col off line some ppl are talking about it is on the side under the passeger side door

The pressure hose on my power steering busted where the flexible part goes into the solid part, where the pressure switch is. It made a huge mess under my hood. :(
3.1 cavs seem to have a lot of power steering problems, this is my 3rd steering pump and a new hose, and I have talked to two other people that have had the same problems.
my 2.0 cav still has all the original steering equipment with 213,000 miles
both my cavs never had power steering problems, but my lumina currently has one, blew the main line pretty badly, hopefully i can fix it today, sucks having no power steering, especially on a huge car, lol
Heh... I had my power steering pump DIE.

Not the lines, or any of that Jazz. The PUMP. That was fun.
At least it was easy to replace.
i hear ya, on my first cavalier 2.2 i was practicing parallel parking for my test and all i see is fluid all over the ground. the seals on the pump went so it was ALL over the engine and ground and then some. then my next car, ranger pos, had a leak on the return and main lines but i neve fixed it. now my new cav 90 z24 has a leak in the cooling line. i think its making my pump make that winning considering it has plenty of fluid in it. its leaking from where its held up by a rubber clamp. gotta get a new one. or coud i remove it? or is that not recomended?
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