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primer the motor

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do i need to primer my motor before i panit it or can i got a head a paint the hell out of it? i'm goin the use chevy orange. :D
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yo man, like for my WAi tube, i put on a engine primer, the base color nad then a clear coat. I dont think u really need a primer but i did. I just wanted a nice job nad wanted the paint to stick nicely. Make sure tho u get heat paint/ primer!!!!! cuz it gets hot as :evil: in there
thanks. i think i'll use primer
i put a few coats of primer, base colour, and then a bunch of coats of clear on my engine (and it's not high temp paint or anything - just regular motomaster) and i've never had a problem with it chipping off or anything
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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