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problems with starting...

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okay, i've searched, nothing on this topic, but then again, its kind of a weird problem, anyways here goes..

today i went to start my car, and *DEAD* nothing works, im like "Wtf!" anyways, my battery died, so anyways, i changed the battery to an extra one i had sitting in the garage, hooked it up, put the key in, heard the dinging, went to start it, *DEAD* everything in the car is dead, like the car is completely dead, anyways, so i boost the sucker with my lumina, she starts, but now, after i boosted it, the car starts real funny, here's the explanation:

put the key in, turn it to acc, works, turn it to start it, the starter solenoid engages, but the starter seems like its real slow, like dieing, then it sounds like the starter just completely dies, as i think about trying again, the engine fires up, now once its fired up, no problems at all, just starting the damn thing, and i never had this problem before the battery died, any ideas? i was thinking it may be a bad ground wire, but the engine wouldnt fire up, maybe a bad starter and/or starter solenoid? maybe a bad fusible link?
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This one I dont know exactly. I would have the starter tested and then go from there.

i don't see how a starter can go bad and still work slowly. intermittently, sure, but slowly? check the battery terminals, make sure there are good, tight connections. if that doesn't do anything, try replacing the battery with a new one. if you had a spare in the garage, i'm guessing it's either used or old. either way it might be bad. at least get the one in your car now tested.
i would say its a batt problem go get the batter charge fully with a bat charger on slow charge and then see if the batterie is still good and if the alt is still charging and terminals all good but definitly sounds like not enought power from the batt
leaving a battery on a cold damp floor like a garage or basement floor can ruin a battery. :-?
get a new starter....i had that problem for the longest time thought the battery was week but the car would turn over very slowly....but it would always start...then one day nothing happened when i tried to start it then i replaved the starter everything was fine and turn over better than it ever did
Some times when a starter is dying it will over draw when it does the battery only has what like 12.5 ish volts when its standing but a running car alt has i think like 14.5 volts which would be enough to start the car.
The starter sounds like its faked.
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