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Product overview: Morimoto® High/Low Beam Round Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projector

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Morimoto was able to pack the serious beam pattern from the Mini D2S 5.0 into a Mini H1-sized box with the release of the new Micro D2S 5.0. keeping the best of both worlds.

Years of projector design experience have resulted in the Morimoto team creating a well-spread beam pattern with a natural gradient of intensity down to the foreground, and the high beam is difficult to match. The new projector lens can even outperform its older and larger analog thanks to its advanced EvoX-R design.

Main specs:
Light type: bi-xenon
* Power: 35W
* Lens material: AR coated Kuria Optic glass
* Depth: 141mm
* Width: 85mm
* Height: 69mm
* Lens diameter: 2.5""

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