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Question About Getrag/Muncie HM-282 Beretta CV Shafts.

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Can tri-pot CV shafts, from a Getrag/Muncie HM-282 equipped Beretta, be used as upgrade from the 1988-1990+ J-bodies, which are equipped with double offset CV shafts?

An old friend of mine had a 1988 Beretta GT, equipped with the Getrag 5 speed. Upon peaking around, I noticed his car was equipped with tri-pot CV shafts I suppose if the wheel tracks are the same for both car platforms, then there wouldn't be a reason for the CV shafts to not be interchangeable... I may have just solved how to answer my own question.... Oh well

My 1990 Z24 needs new CV shafts; the right side outer boot is spraying grease due to the small steel band being loose. The left side shaft is clicking upon starting from a stop, but not clicking in turns.

Thanks anyways. Feel free to chime-in with tribal knowledge

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