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Racing tonight

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Oh yeah baby.. mission 1/4 mile open for street leagles tonight.. I am hoping to get my 60' times down and hit a 15.7 - 15.8... I figure if I can do that then I am doing pretty good for a stock car with 175,000 km on it.. can't wait
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good luck
Good luck.
have a great time.
Well I didn't do so well.. out of 4 runs I did pretty bad.. my first run I ran 16.6 against my friends 17.0... but I missed 3rd gear TWICE! damn it! For my second run I had a guy in an Escort GT challenge me.. Lucky for me I showed him what a cavi could do and pulled down a 15.9... My 3rd run once again I missed 2nd gear but still ran a 16.4.. and then for my 4th run it was getting cold out and the track was getting a little slippery.. I ended up only running a 16.2 cause I spun off the line.. Oh well still a fun night out but I think I have either fried a coil pack or the ignition modual cause my car is sputtering now at anything under 3/4 throtle.. :-? :-?
more repairs damn it!
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