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Rear axle bushings

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Been rebuilding a rear axle and having issues getting new bushings installed.

I can get them most the way with a few hits with a deadblow but then they just stop. I know they aren't easy to get in and basically have to cut to get them out. I'm wondering if i should keep reaming the inside out to get them to fit or what? Or force them the rest of the way?

I took a few pics. Pretty obvious with a caliper that its too small.


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There is a specialty tool for removing and installing those bushings. You can see it here: Full Bushings Replacement
Another option, which works is the big ball joint tool you can rent from Autozone; https://www.autozone.com/test-scan-...at-neck-ball-and-u-joint-press-set/557231_0_0 You'll get your money back when you return it. Using a 1/2" drive impact gun will help a great deal here.
Put the bushings in the freezer for a day before installing them. Put a thin layer of grease on them and press them in with either tool. I've use these exact Mevotech bushings on my 94 a few months ago. And also on my wagon a couple years ago. They are very tight, but they are supposed to be. Even GM originals are very difficult to press out and in.
I used a long bolt and big washers to basically press them in but it wouldn't go all the way Gets to that same spot and just stops. I know there suppose to be tight but this seems a bit ridiculous. I don't have a advanced auto near. O'Reilly might have a similar tool.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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