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Replacing Blinker/Wiper Switch

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So, both my Blinker switch and Wiper switch look like ass...from years of wear and tear the black has completely wore off the tips to the point its white...it looks like hell.

Anyways, point being is it easy to switch the switches to new ones I can get from the junkyard or GM dealer? Is there alot to taking them off and putting new ones in?

The black casing behind the steering wheel...is it easy to take off? I mean once I get it off Im sure I can answer my own questions on the blinker/wiper switches.

I need it off cause my car doesnt have a four-way switch and I need to put one in, so I wanna know how to get this damn thing off...its looking like i have to take the steering wheel off to do so?> I hope not...
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super easy to take off, just take your steering column apart and it is one unit....if you have any other q's, post em, and i'll try to remember how i did it...
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