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ricer gets smoked

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<COLOR color="green"> my friend dillon bought a '94 acura integra ... so he wanted to race my bird ..... well needless to say it was pretty one sided seeing as how i had him by two car lengths out of the top of first gear! another ricer kill!</COLOR>
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Good kill.
Nice kill, love when a ricer goes down.
nice man, integras just suk azz :lol:
i'm guessing it wasn't a gsr. thats the teg i wanted but found the lude instead.
<COLOR color="green"> it was just a really decked out integra ..... but it still went down ..... a kills a kill ....</COLOR>
i wish i could get my car to move fast enough to blow away these 2 mazda mx 3's that are around my town.. they think they are so great... wish i could kill those cars haha, really piss em off
<COLOR color="green"> go for a motor swap and some heavy ass modifications ..... i'm sure a z24 that is pimped out enough can take an mx3 .... good luck</COLOR>
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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