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RIP Muncie 282

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5spd FAIL. Broke it on my third pass at LVD this weekend...so it's done for the year. I won't know for sure until I pull the trans...but I think it's stuck in 3rd and/or 4th gears. Probably a shift fork.

Ran [email protected] first run with an easy launch. Second run I launched a little higher with a 2.21 60' and a [email protected]@92.3 with 4th gear problems. Last run it went [email protected] limping it off the track. The place was packed so I didnt get as many runs as I wanted, but I liked the clutch. The new braided slave line make it much better to beat on. The MPH was a little lower than I expected, but my 60's were getting better...and it probably would have done a 14.2 without trans trouble...maybe even better.
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That sucks!

Gotta hate the limp runs, i had one of those the last time i took the Camaro... [email protected] 50 mph :lol:
Who else has broken one of these? I always heard they were indestructible.
Anything is possible, i've seen a shift fork break before and several diff's shear the pin and shatter the case.

Every trans has it's limits, especially when you consider most HM282's have 100K+ miles on them... then we get our hands on them and beat them up with bigger engines and higher than rated shift points.

In for carnage pics though. :)
Shift fork is my best guess. Gonna be a while before I can tear into it...but I'll post pics.
Nice times best i've ran with mine was a [email protected] but i did have a bad wheelbearing and the strip thats a few miles away isn't great either.I hoped to get a few runs in after my build but i need to break-in my new clutchmaster clutch so i don't think it will happen.But nice job eric
yep, i shattered the 3rd gear shift fork like it was made of glass :lol:

also shelled out a diff once. 300hp and 250ish lb/ft isn't easy on anything, especially a trans designed to handle about 140hp/180tq :p good thing they over-engineered it
I assume there is no aftermarket HD shift fork or rebuild kit available...correct?
Turns out it was the 5th gear snap ring on the input shaft. 5th gear slid down the shaft and gave 4th too much room and the blocker ring came out of index. It got stuck in 4th and bound up tight. Easy fix though! Pressed 5th gear back where it should be and a new snap ring and shift rail cover will be here from VPI and I can reassemble.

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Wow 1.5 years to fix it lol.

Yeah I haven't touched the car in forever. Can't believe it was this simple either.
What kinda diff is that ?
mars_man said:
What kinda diff is that ?
Looks like a team green insert.
Yup, EP.
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