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hey guys you know on a 91-94 z24 where the ground efx meet with the door it always rusts where the clips are, is there a way after i sand blast that to make sure the clips dont rust out again?? any help would be nice..
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well not really. Once the galvinzation is breeched there's nothing you can do to prevent it from evert rusting again. But there's stuff you can do to slow it down alot.
In my OTHER spare time, I'm restoring a 69 Camaro which involves quite a bit more of the "restoration" of older parts.
Check out a product called POR-15 for restoration of rusted surfaces. If your surface is NOT rusty, or you just sandblasted it, check out ZERO RUST, it's easier to apply than por-15, but they are for different applications. (one is for a rusted surface, the other is applied on a non-rusted surface.) Also, follow por-15 directions to the T, the surface must be perfect. The zero rust is more forgiving and works well with minor preparation. (I recommend Zero Rust for your application)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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