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School Me (Imports)

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Ok, so as you all now know, I'm into the second gen scene now, and not running around with a 2.4 motor. I'm actually really enjoying all the torque. It's a lot of fun, but the top end really runs out of breath with this motor, no lie. So this leaves me with one question, that looks for several different answers. What imports can our Z24's run with?

Like as in:


What years, and what models can we keep up with us stock? I've heard Si's are too fast for us, but that's all I've heard. I literally know nothing about imports haha. (I have trouble telling different models apart actually).

By the way, I've got a 93 Z, with a 3.1 and a 3 speed auto in it. (Just check my registry lol).

So seriously, school me. I wanna know what a good challenge on the road is, and at the same time, what I can just straight up roast. (I'm aware a lot of you hate these kind of questions, but it just seems like we gotta have some fun). If I do plan on any racing, I make sure I'm doing it safe by the way.
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drop a 3400/3500 in there with a turbo and you can roast anything that even attempts to race you.
Well not anything...a Z28 or Mustang GT would still have a pretty nice edge on me. A newer Corvette would still have no problems taking me down. Are you talking in terms of "just" imports?
3400 or 3500 with a turbo can easily make over 400hp, thats over 450tq, Ive seen a few people doing that on a stock engine, so if you did that it would give almost anything a run for there money as long as you get traction, from a roll it will be close. If you build the engine up you can see a ton of power for about a $1000- $1500 on forged parts and a good cam. I would think you could see 600 or more hp. Traction becomes a problem though. Remember our cars are extremely light. A camaro or mustang would way 1,000 plus more pounds. My car weighed 2400lbs I think last time I weighed it. My friend 98 ls1 weighed 3600lbsm that is about a 1200 lbs difference. I believe ever 100lbs equals 5 hp. A 98 camaro ls1 makes about 350 whp I think, so if you made 300whp which is fairly easy then you will give a stock z28 a run for their money. My friend has an 98 LS1 camaro, we always race each-other, his was a lot more modified then mine was at the time, but that has changed.
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Ok, so a few things to say to your last post:

1. I plan on keeping my car stock, because I'm not really into all the "mods" and all of that. I just want to keep it alive and all original.

2. How the hell do I even get traction with a 3.1, 3 speed auto? I can't seem to grab the road right from a dig.

3. 100 pounds of weight is more equivalent to like 8-10 HP really. I've seen it on an online calculator once, but am too lazy to look it up right now. :lol:

4. Back to the original question. What kind of Civic's and other imports can I beat? What will take my Z down? This isn't a quarter mile, but rather just a short sprint. I know our cars are fast off the line, but lack a lot up top. That's normally where we lose out on the race right? After 60 MPH or so?

If you could, try and answer 2 and 4 please. Haha, thanks.
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I don't think many people are answering your question because frankly, it isn't a very good one. The intentions behind it seem juvenile although you do make an effort to address it. The last thread you made about racing didn't go so well for the same reasons.

Yes, we all were teenagers once and few of us learned a few things ripping up the street causing havoc. The thing is, the internet has provided us a whole new way of getting information to a point where we depend on it, taking us away from our own instincts and creativity. If you think finding out what might be faster on the roads might give you an upper hand in your "sprints" then you are missing the point entirely. If the opportunity comes for a little bit of a competition, just go for it to see what happens, that's part of the excitement. If you lose, you'll learn yoru limitations first hand, not because somebody on a forum told you so. You don't need to doubt yourself and ask the internet, because half the time we don't know what we are doing either.

Honestly, anything over 100hp, Japanese, and some-what sporty will be a match. These cars are not the best designed, as you already said, it's already hard enough to get traction from the stock tires so they aren't even that great from the stand still. Couple that with an asthmatic top end and you got a pretty slow car, but then again, I'm also a useless driver and that's my own limitation.
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You may really want to reconsider keeping it stock if you want to race people. 3.1 is not efficient enough. You can always add a turbo to your stock 3.1 and make about a 100 extra hp while keeping the engine and car stock. Just have to add a intercooler and some parts from a gtp.
Well I understand they are very slow stock. Thank you guys for the advice. I guess if the opportunity comes up, then it comes up right? Anyways, if no one is to answer these questions, then I won't worry about it. I own one now, so I'm aware of what my car is capable of. I'm gonna keep it stock, but try to get it tuned up to the point where it runs at it's best. The best example of that would be trying to get it to run like it's brand new again.

P.S. - I know my last thread didn't go so well with this lmao. I still don't understand this, considering back in 02' and 03' everyone on here was ok with racing. I show up, and people act like a bitch about it. I know it's not ok to street race, but would still like to know stats on where we run, and what we run with, when it comes to the streets. Any who, thanks much for the input guys.
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Have superdave make you a custom tune for your car. Then you will have a few more horsepower. Just plug n play. The car stock wont beat to many newer cars. You have to keep it within about 5 years of your car to have competition.
I have the measely peasely 2.8liter and while it is slow it is quicker than some other cars that are newer.

I've been pretty impressed with it.

There are a lot of people who assume it has a 4 cylinder in it and are surprised when they find out it is a V6 after a light to light race. I do indulge in that sometimes.

I raced a 94 Cav RS with the 3.1 and it was about even with my car. Of course I don't know what his tune was and if it has problems or not.

Many of the 4 cylinder non-turbo cars nowadays have about the same hp as I do with a V6. They are much better at making cars today more fuel efficient and have good performance. I feel I have a better take off though than a lot of cars from a dead stop at a red light, depends on the car really. I tried to race a V8 with 400 hp once and got beaten very badly haha.
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I ran 15.8 with my stock 3.1 back in the day. Which is pretty decent and it had more in it. I swapped the 3400 with no ecm mods and could walk any mustang other than a svt. Once I built my headers and turboed it not a whole lot could touch me on the street. Then I had kids and didn't have time to mess with it for a while. Point is the cavalier is nimble and pretty quick stock, but can be alot more if you want too. Also I never had problems with any of the cars you listed. Alot comes down to the driver.
True that is does come down to the driver, but mine is just an auto. That means all I can do is torque launch lol. Thanks for the input guys. I'm gonna keep it stock, but I just re-cleaned out the TB today, and put a fresh Air Filter. Too bad I pulled out too far on the TB, since now it's leaking again. I'm gonna have to tighten the line back on before school tomorrow morning, so out I go. Thank God it's warm out tonight. :cry:
Ok, so me and my cousin tightened up the lines last night on the TB, and re-clamped it all back down. No more leaks, and best of all no more smoke (making it overheat). With the fresh Air Filter it's running a 9.7 0-60. Not bad for having 163k on it as of now. All that's left to do (for now) is pull my EGR Valve back off gently, and clean that out. Can I re-use the old Gasket, or should I replace it? I just replaced it like a month ago, but I know when the motor gets hot, they seal tightly. It's like $3 bucks so if I have to get another one, that's fine. If I don't, that would be great though too. What do you guys think? I'm gonna try to achieve a 9.3 by this summer, by cleaning the engine all the way around, and trying to get a better launch. Even with this 3 speed, it's pretty tough.
Pretty much I wouldnt rule out any car beating you, a 3.1 auto isnt exactly fast. There are plenty of 400whp civics roaming around so dont expect to beat everyone of them either.

juicedz4 said:
Pretty much I wouldnt rule out any car beating you, a 3.1 auto isnt exactly fast. There are plenty of 400whp civics roaming around so dont expect to beat everyone of them either.

I'm aware it's not even remotely close to fast. It's no slouch though either. They do have a TERRIBLE top end I do admit, but the torque is loads of fun. What is a stock 93 Z 3 speed supposed to run 0-60 any who? I think 9.7 is about a half a second slower then it should be right? My goal is to try and get that 9.3, and now I'm determined. :guns:
I've noticed mine has great giddyup on take off but in the long run it can be beaten. BUT light to light is always fun.

I can leave a an eleven for about 15 feet or so with an automatic just dead from take off by stomping on it. probably why I need a engine mount hehe, I finished off an old one with old rubber in it.
Yep, same here. Mine can put down some rubber off the line, but sucks ass up top. I do need a newer motor mount for the front too. My motor rocks back and forth from P to R or R to D. Driving me crazy, and it does affect performance too. I'm not so happy about that.
divinez24 said:

here this should help with your original questions.....
Thanks for that, but they always seem to be off, if even by a bit. Some of their times I have seen are actually off by a whole 2 seconds.
You say you want to race civics and such but also keep it stock Why not just perserve it and not beat on it since it may break on you if you race with it then it wont be stock anymore since youll have to replace parts on it. How about running my 94 sedan in the summer time?
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