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Searched for, found nothing...

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Ok, I searched the forums for this info, and im almost 100% positive its been talked about but I can't find the answer...Im sorry if this has been discussed before...

My radiator cracked today...I can't get to school. My engine is old and its wearing down, 50 miles a day on a 13 year old car beats it up. I am maybe looking for a new crate 3.1 (No performance or anything, longblock or shortblock) and wondering if you all know where to look. GM dealership? Can they build that?

What sucks is I'll need to take out a loan for it, which is slaving me to my car...but there's really no resort. Thanks for the help..
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50 miles a day? only? only 13 years old? lol my car is like 14 years old and it had the original owner before me and had like 150 miles a day... hehe,285,000kms now.. it still purrs 8)
Well yeah, I have to drive to school.

As for the post, I found what I needed....Cheaper than I thought for a reman. engine :D
Where else would you get a NEW stock longblock besides the dealer :D They are available from the warehouse, just under $3000 cdn funds. You could also go through the independent rebuilder however sometimes quality of the rebuild varies between shops.
I just went through this, buying a crate engine for a 4.0L for a Ford Explorer. The difference in cost between the dealer and an independent engine rebuilder is extreme. I also doubt that there is much difference in qualifty. Go to the internet and type in "rebuilt engines" you will get a huge list. I priced 6 different rebuilders and the difference in price was about $1000 from the highest to the lowest bid. I ended up with a long block 4.0 for $1,200 delivered. It came from a rebuilder in Houston, TX. (Thunderbolt Engines) That price also included them coming and picking up my old core engine when the install was complete. I would never go to a dealer unless you just want to pay more. All of the companies I priced had a minimium of 12,000 mile warranties on their engines, even if you install it yourself. Some of the companies who sent me quotes were United Engine, Jasper Engine & Transmission, National Engine, Shreve Engine Rebuilders. You also might want to think about a used engine. They would be cheaper. It would be a good time to upgrade to a 3100! Also check on ebay, sometimes you can find them at a good price.
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