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Selling 15" AR rims w/tires(pirelli p700 z)

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Im located in southwestern Ontario. Selling a set of 15" American racing rims, in fair condition,(some curb rash) with a 8month old set of Pirelli P700 z tires, have receipt for tires. They are 205/50/15 and have aprox. 80% tread life left. These tires are excellent summer tires, with good sidewall stiffness and excellent wet/dry traction. The rims were on my 2nd gen but will fit most 5bolt domestics. asking 500CDN$ for everything. This set should be used for racing or summer use only!.
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how many inch are the rims? are they silver,chrome,white,black?how bad is the curb rash and can u hook up a couple pics, if ur willing to go a bit cheaper i might be able to pick them up this weekend

ok guys gonna get pics by tomorow of the rims, they are only 15", so good for racing. They are brushed aluminum(silver) with center caps with locks on them
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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