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shaved trunk lid and sunbird spoiler

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im in the middle of working on a new trunklid for my 90 z24. my original lid has that ugly rack... but my buddy gave me the lid off his 90 with no rack that is in mint shape!!! no rust!! so i have it sanded down to bare metal. im doing co op for school at a local bodyshop so they showed me how to fill the keyhole. i cut a circle to fit the hole and then another chunk for the inside of the hole, and they slapped the two peices together with this goopy glue, then i put the filler in to smooth it out, its ready to prime, then i have to sand it down again then paint!!!!! ( im also leaving the emblems off) i wanted to get a sunbird spoiler for it but i cant find one anywhere, ive seen a different looking spoiler on an older cav sometimes, not the one that is similar to the 2nd gen z24 spoiler though, it looks like the sunbird spoiler except no brake light and it kind of flips up more on the ends, anyone know what years this spoiler was on??? or even what i am talking about, ive seen a similar (maybe identical?) spoiler on a 4 door sunbird, i want one!!!!!
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you might have a hrd time finding the spoiler for the sunbird w/o spending a lot of money. you have a few options. you could check out a junkyard or 2 you can get an aftermarket one from jcwhitney or another online shop. O ryou could try ebay. Check out the buy/sell forum you may get lucky and someone may be parting out a car that has the spoiler on it.
$40 cnd at a junkyard for the sunbird spoiler...and i've got it on my 90 z24, looks good....you'll like it...
ski porn , you have the same name as me and drive the same car except mine is brighter red, i used to have a maroon 89 z though, small world... a couple derek browns driving 90 z24's
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