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"Any sparkplug is almost as good as another. Splitfire plugs are the most expensive, and work just as well as any other plug you buy, unless you get the triple platinums. Platinum spark plugs last longer than conventional plugs, and seem to work a little better. The DIS ignition system on computer controlled 60º V-6's uses a "waste spark" method which doesnt push the spark the same way through every plug. Half of the plugs get a charge pulsed from the electrode to the anode, and the other half get the reversed pulse. This method makes single platinum plugs such as Bosch Platinums wastefull. Half of your plugs will burn out faster than the others, and you dont get the same performance out of the other half. If you plan to go with a Platinum plug, use Bosch Double Platinums or Splitfires Triple Platinum plugs."

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I allready have bought single Bosch Platinum plugs, but I havent installed them. Is the above true??? Or should I just install them because they will at least provide some performance improvement ???

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