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Smoked a Five-0...

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Yep...Sat at a light and some chick in a red 5.0 was lookin at me and revving it up like all hell...sounded like a borla or something...light turned green and I didnt see her again...What a shame...She was ugly anyways....Oh...before u guys get confused...It was with my new 5.2ltr Jeep...not the Z...
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Good job man :) what kind of car exactky did you use?
i think he has a jeep grand cherokee with a 318.... yo kurt have u seen the white w/ orange striped f body vert drivin around town?
Yeah I have a jeep grand cherokee with a 318 5.2...But yeah I have seen that around town...I was at the light at Turkey Hill the one day and it pulled out of Turkey Hill towards Basin Street...I was checkin it out...Pretty nice....Thats you isnt it???
i f'n wish!!! u gotta see what cody's workin on right now, he put the 350 from his truck in a camaro and is running 12's, however, he also has 2 T25's now, and he's looking to be running under 10 seconds....pretty sweet 8)
So you know Cody too???

and I am assuming that was u I saw...Do you by any chance know Jess Hoppes, I dated her while back when she drove the maroon chevy stepside...Now she has the Black Stratus R/T with the sivler racing stripes...Your ever in Kutstown at night look for me in the CVS lot...The COOL hangout... :roll:
in ur cherokee? ill take a peek, ull see me either in a old school comanche or our 99 sunfire til my cavy's fixed. Yea i know Jess, her car is sweet. Cody has 1 turbo mounted, and is waiting on the other. He took a pair of shorty headers and flipped them, so now the turbo's are sticking out of holes he cut in the hood, i gotta get some pics of this, its soo awesome. Right now he's making me 2 plates to remove my EGR valve. When did u see me?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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