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Someone Please explain tuning

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Ok I know a good bit about car audio.(How to install them, match subs with amps, and so on,) But i don't quite understand frequency tuning. I own and 04 Cavy 2dr. and i want to get it tuned to maximize what im gettin outta my system. Here's what i have:

Alpine HU (just got not sure on model)
2- 12" Kicker Comp-VR's in a sealed and chambered box
2- Alpine MRP-M650's ( ONe dedicated to each sub)
2- 1 farad caps ( not in yet, debating how to wire them in)

If anyone has suggestions for what frequency i should get it tuned for or anything else, Let me know. THanks
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I'm not sure anyone can really explain how to set the controls for optimum sound, without actually doing it.

I've installed thousands of systems, some small, some rather large, and everything in between, I can't explain good sound, but I can tune for it and show you what it's supposed to sound like.
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