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having way too much time on our hands after class got out. i meet my friend in the college parking lot. he saw my cavalier parked next to his Gt and knew what i was thinking. it was time for a race, the parking lot was empty as it was near the end of the day so we decided for a little 1/8 mile drag was a in order. since gas is so damn expensive nowadays ($2+) in some parts, we decided not to fire up the engines but instead have our 4 buddies push the cars, 2 per car. then the Gt driver said go and we were off like a very fast turtle, i took an early lead but he quickly charged back into a half car length lead, i thought it was all over but once we reached 10 mph near the end of the track i was gaining hard then one of the mustang pushers ran out of steam and we cruised past him like a row boat out fishing. Cavalier 1, mustang 0 :p
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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