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oight guys im in the proccess of starting up my car but the wires from the spark plugs were unplugged, near the fan i have the start of the wires right, it goes in a line, but which wire goes into which sparrk plug...

2-------4-------6 <cylinders
========== <intake
========== <intake
1-------3-------5 <cylinders

6'--5'--4'--3'--2'--1' <coil/where wires come from(near the fan

so far i have 1'>6, 2'>5, 3'>4, 4'>3, 5'>2, 6'>1

PLEASE HELP, i need this stuff b4 the guy comes in like half an hour, cz then i hafta go downstairs and tons of shit !
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nevermind i found it, i love you guys.... for future reference...
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